Best Places in Argentina

So right now we’re at Río de la Plata. Which is the widest river in the world. With over 220 km wide. On the other side of this river is Uruguay, though you can’t see it right now. So as you can see we are now at the famous obelisk. Which is placed on the Avenida 9 de Julio. Which is one of the widest avenues in the world. 140 meters wide. Connecting the North to the South of Buenos Aires.

So now we’re are the Paraná Delta. Which is a large complex of canals & islands. With over 40.000 km2 and 320 km long. One of the biggest deltas in the world. It has a very large variety of flora & fauna… Giving it a bit of a tropical view. Really nice! Hola, un buen día! Hello, good morning and welcome. Today we are going to take an item of our bucket list that has been there for many years…

The Iguazú waterfalls. Today we are at the Argentinian side. Later on this week we’ll also explore the Brazilian side. But first we’ll get on a train which will take us up to The Devil’s Throat, “La Garganta del Diablo”. We’ll see the waterfalls from the top. And then we’ll go for a walk in the jungle and see some spectacular views. So be prepared to be amazed and let’s have a look what we can find. We just came back from the Devil’s throat, “La Garganta del Diablo”.

We are really soaking wet! It’s impossible to stay dry, but absolutely spectacular. It’s a really beautiful view, words can’t describe it. You have to come down and see it for yourself. Absolutely beautiful! So as you can see today we’re at the Brazilian side of Iguazú. In the far distance, maybe you can see it maybe not… You can see the walkways of the Argentinian side.

Today we will see it from this side. We also have a helicopter flight later on, we will see it from above. But now you can see all the waterfalls in one place at this absolutely spectacular view. Just wow! Hello and welcome to Javier’s house in Unquillo, Córdoba The starting point of our road trip through North Argentina. But first… Some traditional maté!

So we’re now at Cerro Colorado, Córdoba. Behind me are some caves, where native communities have lived for over 8000 years ago. They left behind some beautiful wallpaintings which we will see in a minute. So come along and let’s have a look. So, we are now at a “Casa pozo”. This is a replica of a native house. Build on top of a pit, so that in the winter it stays warm and it the summer it’s nice and cool. After a bumpy ride we finally arrived at Hornocal. Just look at this magnificent view! It’s 4200 meters above the sea level. It’s very hard to breath.

But feel the place, feel the peace. It’s here for everyone. Spectacular! So after a long but spectacular drive through the mountains… We finally arrived at Las salinas Grandes in Salta At 3600 meters above the sea level. For some people it’s really hard to breathe. Other people might experience some minor headache. But just look! It’s really worth coming here. Check this view. And what is more relaxing after a long road trip through the entire country, then to spend a day at the hot springs. Fantastic!

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